Easiest way from Heathrow to Birmingham?

There are not so many people that like to change planes and airports, or to look intensely for a taxi. But inevitably some of us find ourselves in that situation. So let’s take a look at what can we do so that experience won’t be an irritating one, but one that we could remember of and smile.

London. One of the largest cities of Europe and also one destination that has a lot to do with flying and changing planes. Heathrow is the main English airport, but this is connected to other British airports, one of them being Birminham. For this point a lot of people are being in a struggle for a taxi transfer from Heathrow to Birmingham especially when coming from long distances.

Let’s take an example. You are coming from New York let’s say and your plane lands on Heathrow. But your destination is not London. You have to go further, let’s say France. Birmingham is the airport that you need. This is the airport that serves for the flights from England to France. One of them. So, how do you go from Heathrow to Birmingham? In our opinion a taxi transfer from Heathrow to Birmingham seems to be the best solution in this case.

You can find cheap cabs at the exit of the airport or you can choose to take a short tour that is offered between Heathrow and Birmingham. One of them includes also Stonehenge, which can be quite an experience if you never see this before.

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